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Soul Energy Work, LLC

Remember to Breathe


Meet Lee

Hi! I'm the owner and practitioner of Soul Energy Work. I started my journey in the Usui Shiki Ryoho Tradition of Reiki completing Level 1 in 2008, then Level 2 and 3 (also known as Master Class) in 2009. Receiving my certification as Master Teacher allows me to teach others in this tradition as well.

Energy Healing, Reiki, Meditation, and work in the Akashic field have brought me so much peace, understanding, acceptance, and joy to my life that I wanted to share these experiences with others who are looking for the same things. My enjoyment of Energy Healing and the desire to help other people led me to create Soul Energy Work. My hope is to give people a positive experience they can take with them at the end of each session and class, bringing them closer to their specific version of Happiness.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to working with you.

Lee :)


Energy Healing

Reiki is the purest energy from the universe connecting all living things. Channeling that energy without instruction or interpretation, it flows into the practitioner then to the one receiving. Working through blocks and frustrations, clearing and replenishing your energy body. A session can help you feel relaxed, calm, and peaceful.

Reiki Treatment

Intuitive Energy Healing uses intuition to find energy centers causing you to feel uncomfortable or incomplete. After that, we try to remove, replace, or repair the areas using energy channelled from the Universe with the intention of restoring balance. A session can help you feel more relaxed, happier and peaceful.

2021-03-18 - Crystal Grid Disc - Final 02.jpeg

Crystal Grid Alignments work with crystal discs made of energy to update, clear out, and cleanse information we receive through chakras in our body. The information comes from the Akashic field written by Angels and Guides to help with lessons we have gone through, are going through, or are about to go through. With the new information coming from the past, present, and future, we can often gain a glimpse of lives we have lived or are about to and bring back pieces of those lives in our memories. A session can help you feel relieved, more complete, or energized.

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